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The 2009 Yiddishpiel Prizes

On Thursday, July 22, 2010, the Yiddishpiel Theater held its annual prize ceremony, at 8:00 PM at the ZOA House auditorium.

At the ceremony, the following prizes were granted:

picture of zvi boxer

The Zvi Boxer Memorial Foundation Prize
Zvi Boxer, born in 1923 in Pinsk, a metropolis for Hebrew culture (he studied at the "Tarbut" High School), where Yiddish was spoken with all its cultural treasures, and in the unique Lithuanian dialect.
At the early age of sixteen, he was sent to the Polytechnicom in Lvov. This saved him from the terrible massacre of Pinsk's Jews.
He spent the war years in Tashkent where he completed his engineering studies.
In Israel he worked as an air-conditioning engineer, specializing in developing air-conditioning units for buses, enabling many Israelis to enjoy cool conditioned air on public transportation.
His love for Yiddish accompanied him all his life. This prize in his name perpetuates it.
At this ceremony, the Boxer family is presenting five prizes to outstanding actors.

 picture of Bruno Landsberg

The Bruno Landsberg Foundation - Sano Bruno Enterprises
Bruno Landsberg was born into a family with a strong connection to Zionism, lovers of music, literature, cinema, theater, and opera. A family in which, education and culture were the highest values in which they educated their children.
Bruno immigrated to Israel in 1952, after experiencing many hardships during World War II.
Arriving in Israel, the first thing he did in Hebrew was organizing an amateur play in the new language. It even won first prize in the contest for amateur plays.
Bruno is the active Chairman of "Sano" Enterprises. A sworn arts aficionado, who among other things, loves the Yiddish language and culture. He is a veteran friend and member of the Friends of the Yiddishpiel Theater Association. Aside from his regular donations to the Association, he annually donates prizes for encouraging outstanding actors and actresses.
Among the prizes he received as gratitude for his contribution to cultural, spiritual life, and society in Israel, he has also received "The Industry Prize," The International Leadership Institute Prize," "Honorary Citizen of Tel-Aviv," and others.
Bruno Landsberg is a veteran friend and distinguished benefactor of the Yiddishpiel Theater; lover of the Yiddish language and culture.

 picture of Cecil and Leon Fishman

The Friends Association Cecil and Leon Fishman Memorial Prize
European born Cecil and Leon Fishman, survivors of the horrors of the Holocaust and World War II, established a diamond industry in Belgium with his brother Leon, also a survivor, becoming one of the largest and most important in Europe. Their diamond exports reached all the European countries, as well as the USA and the Far East.
Both were loyal Zionists who immigrated at a relatively advanced age and built their home here.
The focused on constructive philanthropy, supporting hospitals, educational institutions, schools, industry, and commerce.
Large donations came via the Jerusalem Fund for the capitol, the Israel Museum, and others.
From the beginning, the Yiddishpiel Theater was one of the institutions closest to their hearts. They saw in it an important tier of renewed Israeli culture, and as an institution conserving Yiddish culture, language, and treasures.
Both of them passed away at a ripe old age, their hearts full with a great love for Israel and the Jewish people.

 picture of Israel Pollack

The Theater Management's Israel Pollack Memorial Prize
Israel Pollack was the Israel Prize Laureate for his unique contribution to society and to the country. A scholar and great lover of the Yiddish language and culture.
With the establishment of the Polgat factory in Kiryat Gat, and other manufacturing complexes in development towns, they provided the populations of these towns with employment, livelihood, welfare, and education.
The Edith and Israel Pollack Memorial Fund endowed all of Israel's institutions of higher education, enabling the establishment of advanced chairs, research and education funds, from Ben-Gurion University in the Negev to the Technion in the North.
Mr. Pollack devoted a great deal of time assisting failing factories, and founded important enterprises. All this was accomplished voluntarily, along with individual assistance.
Over the years, he received many prizes and honorary degrees in the realm of industry and contributing to the community.
He granted his generous support to medical centers, research institutes, and organizations working with the Jewish people's historic heritage and culture.
Among these he was especially fond of the Yiddishpiel Theater, of which he was among its founders. He supported it till his last day and even made sure that his family continues to support the language and culture he grew up with.

The recipients were:
Sassi Keshet, Yaacov Bodo, and Anat Atzmon.
The theater's young troupe of actors: Jonathan Rozen, Miri Ragendorfer, Yoni Eilat, Amitai Kedar, Smadar Ben-David, Niv Shafir.
The theater's Musical Director: Misha Blecherovitz.
Theater employees: Niva Mitelman, Avi Lazarson, and Stanislav Zotov.
The members of the Prize Committee: Hannah Levit, Gabi Last, Zvi Alderoti, Moshe Golos, Bat-Sheva Shtrauchler.

Immediately after the ceremony, the Yiddishpiel Theater's play, "The Megillah" was performed.