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Yiddishpiel Theater Prizes for the year 2011

On Monday, April 2nd, 2012 at 4:30 P.M., the annual ceremony of granting the Yiddishpiel Theater prizes took place in the Eshkol Payis auditorium in Tel Aviv

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The prizes awarded were by:
Fruma Steinmatz honoring her parents Rivka and Heikl Kunyochovsky of blessed memory
The Boxer family in memory of Zvi Boxer of blessed memory
Bruno Landsberg in memory of his daughter Eva Landsberg of blessed memory
Prize in memory of Cecil and Leon Fishman of blessed memory
Special award from David Kulitz, a friend of the Yiddishpiel Theater

The prizes were awarded for singular activity during 2011 that advanced the Theater, as well as for persistence and dedication throughout the years.

The winners are:
The actors: Dori Engel, Elian Debal-Shor, Ofer Golan, Monica Wardimon, Israel Treistman, Lora Sahar, Irma Stepanov, Uri Kovalski, Hila Raviv-Tzur, Yuval Rapaport.
The administrative staff: Layzer Ceisler (Assistant General Director), Miky Gurvitz (Assistant General Director for Marketing and Sales), Vered Harpazi (Director of Sales), Ronit Levi (Stage Manager), Yelena Lubachov (Chief Dresser).
The technical staff: Vadim Rapaport, Noam Romanov.

Rachel Shmaltz - was for the past 12 years, the secretary of the Friends of the Yiddishpiel Theater Society. For her activities and in honor of her retirement, the Committee voted to award Rachel a special prize - the donation of David Kolitz, a friend of the Theater.

The deciding Committee members are: Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Gabi Last, Chairman of the Friends Society Mrs. Hana Levit, Board of Directors member Mr. Moshe Golos, and the General Director of the Theater Mr. Sassi Keshet.

In addition, Certificates of Recognition were given to non-Theater persons as a token of appreciation for their devotion to the Theater. These are: Orly Eizik, Amalia Eyal, Galina Zaltzman, Gerard Allon, Bella Bryks-Klein, Muky (Moshe) kahana, Pnina Meller, R.S.L advertising agency (Yosi Rosenbaum, Sari Simantov, Shelly Leibovitz).