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His Name is Binyumin

A satirical comedy by Israel Prize Laureate, Ephraim Kishon

Ephraim Kishon's first satirical play. It was staged in 1953, just four years after he arrived in Israel, unable to speak a word of Hebrew. His play was directed by no other than Israel Becker. Among his actors were the giants of Israeli theater who have since passed on: Yehoshua Bertonov, Shmuel Segal, and Shmuel Rodensky.
And may they live long: Ada Tal, Shlomo Bar-Shavit, and Misha Asherov.
Over the years, there were dozens of productions of the play around the world. Among them, in 1965, there was one at the avant-garde Zavit Theater with Shmuel Atzmon-Wircer, one of its founders, actors, as well as its director. On April 17, 2003, it was staged by the Yiddishspiel Theater for the first time - in Yiddish of course.

About the play
Zvi, the play's protagonist, is a new immigrant, arriving in Israel full of ideals. His relatives' frivolity and a mistake in his letters of recommendation, involuntarily place him in the position of department director. The "successful" Zvi, played by Andrey Kashker - a new Russian immigrant, fails in his absurd position, stricken and coming apart by a series of run-ins with the bureaucracy, which is brimful of pretense, "one hand washes the other," and notorious inactivity over endless glasses of tea.
By Zvi's unavoidable downfall, Kishon places a sharp and incisive mirror of what he discovered in management systems and in Israeli society. These have over fifty years only became more severe, with the rulers and executors ever ready to trample and pulverize the individual - with shameless authority.
The play's characters are recognizable even today. They often make us laugh because of the situations they find themselves in. However, beyond the comical and entertaining, one cannot help connecting with a sentence that Kishon wrote at the time, "It is impossible that things should end like this... But perhaps it depends on all of us - each one of us." One can assume that he did not imagine his words would be so relevent even to this day.

Playwright: Efraim Kishon, Yiddish Translation: Israel Becker, Editing and Direction: Shmuel Atzmon-Wircer, Scenery and Costume Design: Nitzan Rafaeli, Musical Embellishment: Eldad Lidor, Lighting Design: Misha Cherniavsky, Simultaneous Translation: Lora Sahar.

Participating Actors: Yankele Alperin, Anabella, Yaacov Bodo, Israel Treistman, Helena Iaralova, Luis Minses, Gera Sandler, Irma Stepanov, Uri Kovalski, Andrey Kashker.