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Songs Of Paradise

When the book of Genesis meets Saturday Night Live
Songs of Paradise (Lieder fun Gan Eydn)

A Jewish musical based on the songs of Itzik Manger
The hit Jewish musical that entertained thousands in New York and Europe finally goes ‘home’ to Israel. Mixing the rich Yiddish language with beautiful modern Hebrew, the Book of Genesis meets the contemporary comedic style of Saturday Night Live in this fun filled musical, and it never sounded like this, with musical styles ranging from Operetta to Jazz, Rock to Rap and Broadway to Swing. Young and old alike can understand and enjoy this show. Adam and Eve sunbathing in the Garden of Eden, Cain and Able nagging their mother and each other to death (literally), Abraham, his wife and his mistress all join in the fun. Jacob and Esau, Joseph and his dreams. This musical has been compared to a Jewish Gospel!

From the New York press:
"There is surely nothing now on-stage in New York that is more sprightly, witty, tuneful, contemporary and traditional... Directed with knowing humor and quick pacing by Avi Hoffman, (the show) has a wonderful sense of spoof that imparts the flavor of a revue and the style of an operetta. So go to the Public and catch this happy Genesis while it lasts" - NY Times

"It was early on that I started smiling at 'Songs of Paradise', and my smiles turned to open laughter again and again. This entertainment is good" -NY Post

"The Public Theater got it right this time. 'Songs of Paradise' works... From beginning to end it's a beguiling show... Sometimes the stage begins to look like Steve Martin - Tracy Ullman country" – Newsday

Playwright: Miriam Hoffman and Rena Berkowicz Borow, Direction: Avi Hoffman,
Music: Rosalie Gerut, Musical Arrangement: David Sparr, Musical Direction: Oren Sela,
Scenery Design: Maya Peleg, Costume Design: Estela Verenkowitz, Choreography: Ariel Wolf, Lighting Design: Misha Chernyavsky, Simultaneous Translation: Lora Sahar

Cast (in alphabetical order): Ronit Asheri, Hilit Daitch-Shani, Monica Wardimon, Irma Stepanov,
Amitai Kedar, Andrey Kashker, Jonahtan Rozen, Niv Shafir.

From June 2016 in theaters all over the country
With translation into Hebrew and Russian